Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces Digital LoadView for cranes 8 September 2022

Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces the Digital LoadView wireless high-definition (HD) camera system. Thanks to this high-end system, the crane operator has a razor sharp view of instructions being given by the rigger, as well as of the lifting hook, the load and the surrounding situation. This allows the crane operator to raise and lower the hook effortlessly and more assuredly, making lifting operations safer and getting the job done within the time available.

Safer Work with Digital LoadView
The Digital LoadView camera is mounted above the crane hook and hangs down vertically. This allows the camera to capture the crane hook, the load and the work area. The optional oil-damped bracket stops the camera from swaying and keeps it focused on the hook, giving the crane operator a stable image at all times via the digital monitor in the cabin. Digital LoadView allows the operator to proactively respond to unexpected events, preventing hazardous situations. This increases safety during lifting.

More comfort for crane operator
With Digital LoadView, crane operators have an optimal view of the crane hook, the load and the work area. The good field of view allows work can be completed more accurately, reducing stress for the operator and enabling a greater number of assured lifting movements to be made during each shift. What's more, operators no longer need to stare into the distance or adopt unnatural physical positions in order to lift safely. The work becomes more ergonomic, which helps reduce neck and shoulder pain — so Digital LoadView truly enhances operator comfort.

High Definition Wireless System
The Stoneridge-Orlaco wireless camera system consists of an AF-Zoom HD-E IP Camera, two  Ethernet Wireless Sender Receiver Longe Range (WiSR LR) units and an industrial heavy duty 10” PhotonView Tablet. The camera has a waterproof housing (IP69K), HD picture quality and a live image indicator. The high-end WiSR LR enables wireless digital video transfer via Wi-Fi and has a maximum range of 200 meters. Images can be displayed wirelessly on the Orlaco PhotonView tablet via the WiSR. The WiSR is only suitable for Orlaco Ethernet cameras, such as the EMOS Ethernet camera and AF-Zoom HD-E IP camera.

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The Digital LoadView camera system is suitable for installation on equipment including telescopic cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes and harbor cranes. Contact us today to learn more about the digital camera system or other related crane camera solutions.