Shell AirFlow Starship Uses MirrorEye for Fuel Economy

MirrorEye provides impressive results in fuel economy, as demonstrated by the fact that the system has been selected for Shell's AirFlow Starship — the truck of the future.

The AirFlow Starship is a combination of a truck and trailer, and was designed by Shell to be as fuel efficient as possible. The truck contains a wide range of gadgets that help save on fuel. For example, solar panels are installed on the roof, the design is highly streamlined to minimize resistance and there are even energy-generating systems on board.

MirrorEye: Fuel-Saving Innovation
MirrorEye has recently joined this lineup. The compact, aerodynamic design reduces air resistance considerably. Together with the truck's low weight, this makes for significant fuel savings.

MirrorEye for Bus and Coach
MirrorEye for bus and coach was developed on the basis of MirrorEye for trucks. In contrast to the truck system, MirrorEye for bus and coach does not fold out, and the design is even more compact. The compact, aerodynamic design therefore generates even less air resistance. With its low weight, the system can generate significant fuel savings for buses and coaches.

The First Major Test
Recently, MirrorEye was used as part of a test of the AirFlow Starship. With 33 tons on board, the Shell truck drove across the United States from the west coast to the east coast to test its freight efficiency. This was to test how much freight the truck could carry on a liter of diesel. On the route from San Diego to Jacksonville, the truck made a few promotional stops. At the finish line, the average consumption of the AirFlow Starship proved to be 3.8 km/L. This makes the Shell AirFlow Starship considerably more efficient than regular trucks, which on average drive at 2.7 km/L. A new efficiency record has been set with the help of our aerodynamic MirrorEye system.