See around Corners with Cross Traffic View

When driving a tractor with a front-end attachment, turning or crossing roads can entail a certain degree of risk due to the limited view from the cab. With Orlaco's Cross Traffic View, you can do this more safely. The system provides a clear, real-time view of the left and right sides of the road ahead, allowing you to spot pedestrians, cyclists and cars in time.

A View to the Left and Right
Cross Traffic View consists of two FAMOS compact cameras that offer a view from the left and right sides of attachments such as mowers, snowplows, counterweights, cutters and buckets. Both camera images are shown on a RLED 7" split-screen monitor, giving the driver a clear overview of the situation.

DLG & TÜV Standards
Orlaco's Cross Traffic View is one of a select group of systems that meet the very strict standards of the TÜV and German agricultural association DLG. What's more, the system features the robust quality you would expect from Orlaco, such as 50 G shock and vibration resistance, a waterproof housing, and an anti-dust and dirt coating on the lens.

Front camera system "Fliegl Hawk Universal"