RadarEye now integrates on every monitor

If workplace safety is an important issue for you, your fleet will no doubt be equipped with camera monitor systems. You can now make your machines even safer by integrating RadarEye on your monitor. This active detection system is now available for all existing Orlaco monitors and third-party monitors. RadarEye prevents collisions by actively warning you about objects and people around the machine. You therefore know what is happening in the vicinity of your vehicle and can work even more safely, comfortably and efficiently.

Extra Safety for Risk Areas
RadarEye provides additional safety for the greatest risk areas around vehicles, from trucks to mining machinery. For example, in the case of loaders, which constantly drive back and forth, there is a high risk of collisions around the machine due to the limited view from the cab. With RadarEye, you can ensure that people or objects that are too close to the vehicle are detected in time. A clear audible signal will warn the operator, and the hazard area will be highlighted via an overlay on the monitor.

SRD Interface Box
Thanks to the SRD interface, RadarEye can be integrated with third-party monitors that have a PAL/NTSC video input. This means that RadarEye can now be used independently of the SRD monitor, and standard camera systems can easily be expanded with active radar detection. Using the box, you can integrate radar alerts directly into the view on the existing monitor via visual overlays. Audible signals can also be used.

System Expansion
Via the SRD interface box, you can now also connect the DVR One Channel recorder to RadarEye to record camera images. The system can be further expanded using primary-secondary cables and a switcher to add multiple sensors and cameras.