RadarEye - Active View Solution for collision avoidance

Avoid damage and collisions with RadarEye, the active vision system. RadarEye is an integrated active vision system, designed to detect and view objects in zones obscured from the operator’s view. RadarEye offers a solution allowing operators to work safely and efficiently.

Visual and acoustic warnings
When an object or person enters the danger zone, the system transmits an audible alarm and selects the required camera. The monitor shows green, yellow, orange and red radar zones. Everything that appears within the zones is brought into sight to prevent personal injury or material damage. The audible urgency increases as the person or object moves through to the red zone. Both stationary and moving objects are detected in a designated coverage area. The radar units have a ruggedized design and are shock- and waterproof. The system is not affected by environmental aspects such as snow, rain, mud and/or temperature changes which can be expected at building sites around the globe.

User friendly system
RadarEye is easy to implement on existing equipment and works as a stand-alone system on any type of machine. The system can be easily adjusted to personal settings. For example, the detection range and sensitivity can be altered to meet your preferences. An advantage of the system is that it only detects objects and people in the dangerous zone and not beyond the vehicle width to prevent unnecessary alarms. RadarEye can be extended with multiple radar and camera units for all-round detection and visibility. Orlaco will demonstrate RadarEye at the Bauma trade fair show in Munich, booth number 336, Hall C4.

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