Paccar Award with maximum score for Orlaco

Last month Orlaco was granted a Paccar quality award for the second time. Paccar grants this award to suppliers that reach a quality level score of 10 PPM or lower. Yet again, Orlaco achieved a perfect score of 100% correct products; a zero error rate. Orlaco supplies parts to Paccar which are currently most used for DAF trucks.

Delivery of consistent quality
The PPM (Parts Per Million) scoring system is an acknowledged value in the automotive industry for an error rate per million. In previous years, the target for Paccar was 50 PPM. Since last year, the norm is even stricter with a 10 PPM, ‘10 part per million’, error rate. Orlaco is able to comply to this new standard thanks to its continues improvement and quality assurance activities. Orlaco had a zero error rate score at last year’s award as well. This award clearly shows the Orlaco ability to deliver consistent quality products.

Regular OEM supplier for ten years
Orlaco has been Paccar’s OEM supplier, mostly to DAF, for the past ten years. Orlaco supplies 7” monitors, cameras for vision classes I, V and VI and accompanying cables. Due to flawless deliveries, Orlaco is able to retain low production costs and also its position as a regular OEM supplier. “DAF, Kenworth, and Peterbilt trucks owe their quality to suppliers such as Orlaco”, Paccar says.

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