‘Our drivers no longer want to work without cameras’

Small mistakes can have large consequences, every transport company knows this. A. Van Velsen Transport B.V. has been choosing Orlaco’s camera and monitor systems for years for that reason. The result? More safety and less damage.

Transport company with focus on concrete mortar and road construction
A. van Velsen Transport B.V. is specialized in transporting concrete mortar. That is assigned by concrete factories in the West and central of the Netherlands. Besides that, the transport company from Stompwijk owns dump trucks that are used for road construction. Finally, the company owns tractors for parcels and container transport. The entire rolling-stock consists of 20 vehicles, of which almost every truck is equipped with an Orlaco camera and monitor system.

Cameras provide more traffic safety
The trucks – mostly DAF trucks – feature a Front View System, which provides the driver with view on blind spots in front of the truck. ,,With cameras, you can see much more than with mirrors. Because the monitor is implemented in the dashboard and the cameras respond when you signal a turn, you don’t have to turn your head to see the monitor image. Even during bad weather conditions or when it’s dark, the visibility is optimal. This contributes to safety, of course. Our drivers no longer want to drive without cameras”, CEO Aad van Velsen says.

Accurate maneuvering, less damage
Cameras also decrease the risk for damages. Drivers can maneuver much better and more accurate thanks to the camera images. This is very convenient, especially when there is little space, the transport entrepreneur knows. ,,Combined with the fact that we have little employment turnover, all our drivers drive their own vehicle and we commit to safety, the result is that our damage percentage is much lower than the national average.”

Rear view cameras on dump trucks
The company’s dump trucks also feature Rearview cameras. This is ideal during the many asphalt jobs. ,,The dump truck is put with its rear against the asphalt machine. That is much easier to do with a camera. When switching dump trucks, employees walk around the machine. They usually wear hearing protection and thus do not always hear reverse signals. We prevent accidents thanks to these cameras.”

Resistant to extreme circumstances
During road construction Orlaco cameras endure scorching hot asphalt. The cameras also face gravel, granular and water. ,,The cameras are resistant to that. After all these years the camera lens does not have a single scratch”, Van Velsen says. ,,We barely have any camera trouble. The connections are very stable and ‘vandal proof’. And if anything ever comes up, we can ask for assistance from service points that can be found all over the Netherlands.”

Cameras prove their off road value during Dakar Rally
Orlaco’s cameras are also useful for Van Velsen’s other passion: rallying. Three cameras are mounted on his Dakar truck which guard the frontal axe, the powertrain and the engine. ,,Thanks to the cameras we no longer have to step out of the truck to check whether the truck is still in good condition. That saves us time and we therefore don’t get passed by other participants much. We installed the cameras ourselves and the mechanic can switch between video images with a click switch. On board you have to hold yourself steady, so you can’t simply press a button at all times. The rally conditions are tough and it’s physically and mentally very challenging. The truck also faces hardships. We drive through rivers, dust and over large rocks. Tons of stuff breaks during the rally, but so far the cameras survive anything!”

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