Orlaco presents innovations to Volvo’s executive management

On the second and third of February 2016 Orlaco will present itself during the “Made in Holland Tech Days’’ organized by Rai Industrie Platform. This two-day expo takes place in the Volvo headquarters in Göteborg, Sweden. In the Volvo halls Orlaco presents its innovations to the executive management team and the engineers from Volvo-Car-Bus-Equipment & Penta. This expo was invoked to make the international OEMs aware of suppliers in the Dutch Automotive sector.

Exclusive scoops
MirrorEye and EMOS will be demonstrated to the public for the first time. MirrorEye is the mirror replacing system for side mirrors on trucks. Two cameras optimally show vision classes II and IV on a split screen in the cabin. EMOS is Orlaco’s first digital compact camera for heavy labor on heavy equipment. A solid camera that is shock, vibration and waterproof and can be directly connected to an existing network.

CornerEye & RadarEye
CornerEye & RadarEye complete the innovative product overview. CornerEye covers a field of vision that more than satisfies the criteria of vision classes V and VI. A 180° wide angle lens combined with digital technology provides the system with a view 270°. RadarEye is the vision system combined with detection. Besides proper view on blind spots, the driver is warned by a detection sound.

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