FAMOS camera compatible with TomTom Bridge

Expand your TomTom navigation system with a camera. From now on, Orlaco cameras can be combined with TomTom Bridge and Pro827X. Up to four analogue cameras can be connected to the navigation system through an interface. As soon as the camera is connected, the system automatically switches to video input.

Plug & Play
Simply connect the Orlaco cameras to the TomTom video dock by using Orlaco’s interface cable with a 3.5 mm video connector (0304060). This solution is suitable for PAL and NTSC cameras. For devices with a Cinch (Tulip) adaptor, the cameras can also be connected by using a different type of interface cable (0303770). The cameras can be directly supplied from the same power source as the navigation system.

Settings via the app
Both the Bridge and the Pro827X are navigation systems based on the android operating system. The systems come with an app for camera systems; you can change the settings by using that app. The navigation is full screen by default and the camera will be depicted full screen when it is supplied with power. A possible setting of the navigation system is a depiction in split screen. This way, the navigation and camera image are shown on one screen. Switching between multiple cameras is possible through an interface. The system can even do this automatically by using signals from the vehicle.

More Information
For expert advice tailored to your requirements, or for more information, please contact Orlaco.