Orlaco 4-channel Digital Video recorder with Multiview

Orlaco proudly presents the new 4-channel Digital Video recorder (DVR) with Multiview. The DVR is designed and manufactured according to Orlaco’s highest quality standards. With this recorder and the version for 1-channel recording, Orlaco sets the new norm for heavy duty DVR-recorders.

Multiview with extra functions
The DVR Multiview is a digital video recorder that saves the recordings on a Secure Digital (SD) memory card. All four camera images are separately recorded. The output of the DVR Multiview can be programmed. Every camera image can be selected separately. Combinations of camera inputs are possible as well, such as split screen. The DVR Multiview can be programmed via the On Screen Display (OSD) menu of the serial Orlaco monitor. All settings, such as video output, date and time and recording, can be adjusted in this menu. The SD card can also be formatted in this menu. The recorder has a 4 camera inputs (PAL or NTSC) with 4-pins M16 connectors and 1video output with a 7-pins connector.

Data well protected
The DVR’s housing is made of aluminium and is IP68 watertight. The recorder comes with a 128GB SD card, this enables up to 72 hours of continuous recording with four cameras. Due to “loop recording”, the oldest recording is automatically deleted in order to make new recordings. The SD card is safely stored in its own solid housing. The recordings can be viewed on a PC by plugging the SD card into an SD card reader.

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