Orlaco 170º Sideview on your side

In an urban area, maneuvering safely with a truck isn’t always easy. Orlaco’s 170º Sideview system offers a solution to make this process safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Combined with Front and Rearview, this vision system provides a view on all risky areas.

Orlaco’s Sideview system consists of a FAMOS camera with 170°-lens that more than covers vision class V on a 7” monitor. The area on the side of the truck is completely visible. Pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles are clearly visible and it is almost impossible to overlook them. The Sideview system can be easily expanded with a Rearview system in order to optimize further.

View on front and rear side
Rearview consists of a FAMOS camera with 118°-lens and fully shows the dangerous area on the rear of the truck. As soon as the truck is put in reverse, the display automatically switches to Rearview. The separate system Frontview fully shows vision class VI with a FAMOS camera with 102°-lens. The monitor offers more view on the area at the front side of the truck, compared to what the operator can see with his/her own eyes.