New Ethernet Cameras and Monitors for 2021 19 January 2021

Stoneridge-Orlaco's plan for 2021 is packed full of product launches. On the agenda are four ELED monitors, various Ethernet cameras, such as the HD-E Zoom II, EMOS II and E-CFMC and the long-range WiSR. Stoneridge-Orlaco is firmly committed to Ethernet technology, but why?

Digital video via Ethernet offers the same basic functionality as its analog PAL/NTSC counterpart, but with higher resolution and therefore better image quality. In addition, it is possible to adjust the camera resolution, meaning that you can display HD-resolution images on a monitor or HMI. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases contrast and color range, delivering a clear image of dark and light objects that are side by side.

Ethernet technology not only offers a better image quality. It also offers a range of additional functionalities like: digital panning and zooming, digital image stabilization in order to reduce vibration, stitching of images from various cameras to create e.g. a 360° surround view as we look to the future. By adding application-specific algorithms it will even be possible to recognize people and objects with Ethernet camera and monitor systems.

Manufacturers Can Integrate Ethernet Systems
The price difference between a complete analog and Ethernet camera and monitor system is getting smaller. Mainly due to the fact that Ethernet technology supports the integration of cables, connectors, electronics and protocols. This significantly reduces the cost of the wiring harness, and makes it possible to transmit multiple video streams to one or more locations via the same cable using a unicast, multicast or broadcast approach. The same end result can also be achieved wirelessly. The main difference with an analog MultiView system is that there is no need for a separate cable harness, as the existing Ethernet network can be used.

The shift to digital means that users can benefit from much better image quality and additional functionalities. Stoneridge-Orlaco is therefore firmly committed to Ethernet technology in order to further improve safety, enhance ergonomics, create greater convenience and increase efficiency.

The first product, the 7-inch ELED monitor, will be launched in the first quarter of the year. Keep an eye on and our LinkedIn page for more information.