More than 10 buses featuring MirrorEye™ at Busworld Europe 15 October 2019

No fewer than 10 buses from different bus manufacturers will be in attendance at Busworld Europe in Brussels equipped with MirrorEye from Stoneridge-Orlaco. The innovative and advanced camera system has only just hit the market but is already being embraced by OEMs worldwide. 

Replacing Exterior Mirrors with MirrorEye
MirrorEye consists of two high-definition (HD) cameras mounted on the side of a vehicle. These cameras replace the exterior mirrors and cover the statutory mirror classes II and IV. The driver is able to view the camera images in real time on a split-screen HD monitor in the window pillar of the vehicle, granting them the best possible view of road users both next to their vehicle and at an angle to the rear of their vehicle. "MirrorEye enables the driver to see even more than with conventional mirrors because the cameras cover a larger field of vision," explains Tristan Domin, Senior Account Manager at Stoneridge-Orlaco. 

MirrorEye always provides a sharp and detailed image, even when faced with low sun, rain, snow and dust. The cameras adjust effortlessly between light and dark conditions in tunnels and also offer optimal visibility at night. And thanks to the quality of the night vision function, the driver has a better view of the surrounding night-time traffic compared to conventional mirrors.

What makes the camera mirror unique is the possibility of adding a class V camera to the same housing. This allows the driver to see blind spots alongside their vehicle, thereby helping to prevent accidents. "This means that the camera monitoring system increases traffic safety on the road. In addition, the compact and aerodynamic design also means that you can save fuel. All of this contributes to a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership."

Stoneridge-Orlaco at Busworld
Stoneridge-Orlaco itself will also be in attendance at Busworld Europe. This is the first time that the company has had a stand at the trade fair. "We at Stoneridge-Orlaco are extremely proud that our MirrorEye camera system will have a significant presence throughout the trade fair," says Tristan Domin. "It proves that MirrorEye is the ideal solution to make bus transportation safer, more efficient and more comfortable." Stoneridge-Orlaco can be found in hall 4 at stand 428.

Nomination for Innovation Label Busworld Award
Stoneridge-Orlaco has also been nominated for a prestigious Busworld Award for its MirrorEye solution, in the category "Innovation Label Non-Vehicles 2019." "The nominated products in this category are among the best innovations in the sector," explains Tristan Domin. "We are thrilled to have been nominated, as it endorses the belief that we have in this solution." An independent, international jury composed of specialist professionals in the bus and coach industry will announce the winners on Thursday, October 17.

About Stoneridge-Orlaco
Stoneridge-Orlaco, which is part of Stoneridge Inc., is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems for commercial and industrial vehicles. The company's systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort for drivers and ensure greater efficiency. Camera systems from Stoneridge-Orlaco are extremely robust and shock- and vibration-resistant, which means they will work in even the harshest of conditions. The company supplies the largest and most pioneering OEMs in the world. In addition, Stoneridge-Orlaco sells vision systems in the aftermarket through a worldwide network of dealers.