MirrorEye makes mirrorless trucks possible

Orlaco will introduce an intelligent camera system in 2017 to replace side mirrors on trucks and improve overall performance. MirrorEye's impressive features include night vision and an automated panning function.

A crystal-clear view of all traffic in the vicinity
MirrorEye consists of two High Definition (HD) cameras placed on either side of the cabin. The driver can view the camera images in real time on a split screen HD monitor in the window stile, providing him with an optimum view of road users alongside the truck or at an acute angle behind the truck – at all times, everywhere and under all circumstances.

Increased vision when you need it
The Night Vision function provides the driver with a better view of surrounding night traffic. In addition, MirrorEye has a panning function: the cameras automatically adjust when turning or reversing, providing drivers with a better view whilst performing these manoeuvres.

Aerodynamic design leads to fuel savings
MirrorEye does more than just improve road safety. Tests also show that the system's aerodynamic design results in a 1 to 2% reduction in fuel consumption when compared to a truck with traditional side-mirrors. Orlaco's latest innovation obviously meets strict EMC standards and is manufactured according to the IATF 16949 directives for the automotive industry. Camera and monitor brackets will be available for all makes of truck.