MCB Uses Orlaco System on DAF Trucks

MCB, the metal wholesaler based in Valkenswaard in the Netherlands, is having its entire vehicle fleet fitted with an Orlaco camera system. The De Burgh DAF dealer in Eindhoven is currently busy installing the cameras on all 70 DAF tractor units, plus a further 105 semi-trailers.

"Our work on our customers' premises often involves reversing in, and effectively you're reversing into a big black hole. This camera lets you see exactly what is going on inside, which makes the system ideal for us," says MCB mentor driver Peter van der Kroft.

The figures confirm that there has been a significant reduction in recent months in the volume of damage being incurred. Especially bumper damage, corner damage, damage when climbing aboard, broken lamps and so on. "There is also a risk of causing damage at the customer's premises, though of course we always try to avoid that," adds MCB fleet manager Tino Chel.

"It goes without saying that there's less risk of damage. And it's a bit safer than it used to be. There are fewer blind spots and maneuvering is quicker than before, with a much better view of what's happening," says MCB driver Rob van de Wijdeven.

In the past the drivers would have to get out of the cab before reversing, to check that there was nothing behind the vehicle. A lot of time is being saved now the drivers have a clear picture of what is going on behind the truck.

"It gives you the confidence to know that you can reverse safely" — Jan Willem van der Ark, MCB mentor driver.

Tino Chel also believes that the camera systems are the right choice for MCB: "I would always opt for a reversing camera; without it you can't see anything when reversing a truck and anything could be going on behind your trailer."