Make driving in the dark pleasant and safe!

The sun rises late and sets early these days. With just eight hours of daylight, the dark time of year is still upon us, and for your truck drivers, these are the most difficult months. Good vision can't be guaranteed, but at the same time, this should not have a negative effect on your drivers' performance. Your employees need support during this period in particular. As a transport company, you can offer this support to them with solutions from Stoneridge-Orlaco!

Every truck driver knows the feeling. Driving through a busy town at twilight, they suddenly need to turn right around a corner. But despite double-checking their wing mirrors, the same thought always runs through their heads: "Have I definitely seen everything?" Fortunately, everything is usually fine, but when the days are shorter, this might not always be the case: When your driver makes a turn, their wing mirror will often show more of the side of the truck than the surroundings…

Dangers around the truck
This issue presents enough of a challenge in daylight, let alone in twilight or darkness — but it is precisely at these times that the difficulties become apparent. The darker it gets, the more restricted your driver's direct line of sight, making pedestrians, cyclists and other road users even more difficult to spot. This means that in dark conditions, your drivers may miss the potential dangers around their truck.

It might sound strange, but despite the limited visibility they offer, wing mirrors have barely changed since they were introduced in the 60s. So it's high time for a change — and as you are probably aware, this is on the way! Since last year, lorries in Europe no longer require wing mirrors. EU lawmakers in Brussels made this change because they see mirror-replacement camera systems as the future.

Better and safer
Cameras from Stoneridge-Orlaco not only support drivers during the day, but also in the early morning, afternoon, evening and at night. The sensitivity of the sensor to light ensures clear images day and night. What's more, the infrared function provides more details and, thanks to automatic brightness control, the cameras adjust seamlessly during the transition from light to dark, for example when entering a tunnel. Mirror-replacement camera systems can help make driving in the dark much safer and more pleasant for your drivers.

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