Help Your Employees to Avoid Accidents!

This month, both the Dutch and German statistics offices, Statistics Netherlands and the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, will publish their official figures for accidents involving commercial vehicles in 2018. It is clear even now that both countries are set to report a worrying increase in accidents compared with 2017. You can prevent your employees from making the figures for 2019 even more concerning by using Stoneridge-Orlaco vision solutions.

In 2017, there were 1484 accidents in the Netherlands involving commercial vehicles. This represents an increase on 2016, when the figure was around 1000. In the run-up to publication of the report from Statistics Netherlands, Stichting Incident Management Vrachtauto's (Stimva, the institution for goods vehicle incident management) has already published its figures for the first half of 2018. These figures showed us that in that period alone, the number of accidents involving goods vehicles had already increased by 20%!

The situation doesn't look much better in Germany, where Verkehrsgerichtstag (VGT, the German council for road traffic law) sounded the alarm at the beginning of this year. The transport academy calculated that there were 900 deaths and 8500 serious injuries in Germany in 2018 due to accidents with commercial vehicles. These shocking figures tie in with the picture painted by the German Road Safety Council (DVR) for 2017, when the number of deaths due to accidents with goods vehicles increased by 24.3%.

Stimva and VGT are unanimous in their opinion that the cause of these alarming figures is the successful economy and the increased transport of goods by road. In Germany, VGT has already proposed a series of measures aimed at restoring a downward trend in the figures. Among these measures are mirror-replacement camera systems, which suggests that even the VGT now recognizes the benefits of these systems over traditional mirrors and side mirrors.

A better view of blind spots, better visibility in low sunlight, rain, snow or dust, and the same visibility at night as during the daytime — Stoneridge-Orlaco mirror-replacement camera systems offer all these plus points. Each of these features has been created to make your drivers' work easier, safer and more comfortable.

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