Front view for wheel loaders

The bucket of wheel loaders and shovels in many situations, cause blind spots and the view to be limited from the operator’s cabin. This situation results in the driver working based on the view above, below, left or right of the body, in addition to the bucket that creates enormous blind spots.

Blind spots
Blind spots create dangerous situations around the vehicle. People standing in front of the body or passing by the vehicle, while the machine is still or in operation, the views are obstructed and cannot be seen clearly or not at all, increasing the chances of potential fatal consequences.

Front view
The Stoneridge-Orlaco camera solutions improve visibility under the bucket, which greatly improves the operator’s visibility. The front view assists to detect people or objects in front of the body providing visibility for greater driver awareness. In addition, the driver has a better view of their surroundings in front of the bucket while emptying the bucket, so the driver can assess the situation better.