Complete 360° overview in real time with SurroundView

Drivers of heavy machinery are faced with a number of blind spots around the vehicle that impede their view. Orlaco's SurroundView system gives drivers a complete 360° overview of the vehicle without any delays waiting for software to compile the images. As a result, Orlaco SurroundView helps improve safety, efficiency and comfort during work operations.

SurroundView consists of four FAMOS compact cameras that provide views to the front, rear and sides of the machinery. The Orlaco MultiView box combines all 4 camera images on the robust Orlaco 7-inch or 12-inch monitor, creating a complete overview. People and objects in the vicinity of the vehicle are therefore always shown, in real time. The SurroundView system has universal application and is also suitable for articulated machinery. As the camera images do not need to be merged on an ECU, installation is easy and replacement in the field is a simple matter.