Cameras for the best posture when operating a forklift

When a forklift driver at Witzand Bouwmaterialen was on sick leave due to physical complaints, the company started looking for a solution. The solution turned out to be a camera system for the Linde H80. All drivers at the Almelo office are very pleased with that solution.

Building materials office with a focus on wood
Witzand Bouwmaterialen is a family company with offices in Almelo, Eibergen, Lichtenvoorde, Ruurlo and Vriezenveen. It provides contractors, builders, freelancers and individuals from the East of the Netherlands with building materials. Besides that, the company has a large selection of kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, doors and tiles. The office in Almelo is specialized in wood and woodworking.

Three to four trucks full of wood every day
‘’Three to four trucks full of wood come in here every day. The packages are full of wood, a meter long each, from the sawing mill. We grab them at the head and put them away at a height of 4 to 5 meters in our warehouse. We do that with a Linde H80, which has been accommodated with a timber pack handler”, Jan Ribberink, manager of the Almelo office, says.

Camera system advised by occupational health physician
Putting away a package of wood requires the utmost concentration of the driver. The driver has to look diagonally past the packages in front of the forklift and securely place the package on the stand. ‘’One of our drivers is currently at home on sick leave. He wants to start working again, but he can no longer turn his neck or look upward without experiencing discomfort. The occupational health physician then advised to install a camera system on the forklift.”

High resolution footage of everything that happens above you
Next, forklift supplier Hevotec showed up with an Orlaco camera system. After a short demonstration, Ribberink and the driver were convinced. ‘’The camera provides proper view on the area in front of the package that’s in the timber pack handler. The footage on the display is clear and of high resolution. You can perfectly see what happens above you.”

Rear view camera for even more safety
The AMOS/FAMOS camera has been installed between the mast of the forklift, where it’s protected. Moreover, the Linde H80 has been accommodated with a rear view camera. When the driver of the forklift starts reversing, the display automatically switches to rear view footage. ‘’Due to the fact that there are no longer blind spots, warehouse safety increases. Besides that, the driver no longer has to turn its neck; which is very pleasant for all drivers. Working is much less taxing now.”