ATS Group Installs CornerEye on New Natural Gas Trucks 26 November 2019

ATS Group in Belgium has installed the CornerEye blind spot camera from Stoneridge-Orlaco on 23 new trucks. As a multidisciplinary technology group, safety and sustainability are top priorities when it comes to delivering electrical, HVAC, mechanical and distribution solutions, including truck safety — on the road and, in particular, on construction sites where getting a good view of surroundings is difficult. For Fleet Manager Jeroen Van den Berghe, the decision was not a difficult one: "We were so impressed by the demonstration at the Maenhout IVECO dealer that we decided on the CornerEye straightaway."

Better than Exterior Mirrors
"We started using the first ten IVECO CNG trucks last summer and the next ten will be on the road as soon as they have been built. The feedback from drivers who are using them at the moment is very positive. The 10-inch monitor shows everything very clearly and is positioned in the same viewing direction as a conventional exterior mirror, so drivers have a much larger field of vision without having to move any more than usual. And that covers the whole right-hand side of the vehicle from directly below the exterior mirror back to the end of the truck, not just immediately in front, so the CornerEye eliminates the blind spot completely. The view using the camera monitoring system is far better than with mirrors in bad weather, in the dark and in the rain because the camera doesn't steam up and the system is extremely sensitive to light."

Quick Familiarization
In practical terms, it takes next to no time to get used to the system. Once installed, it starts automatically and all the functions operate independently. Jeroen says that the CornerEye meets all of his expectations: "We've been using it for more than two months now and there haven't been any negative comments at all. And that's pretty impressive, because our people do a lot of driving in complicated situations like factory premises or construction sites with little room to maneuver and people and goods all over the place. And we want to make sure that more vulnerable road users are safe in busy urban traffic as well. Obviously, we want to avoid damaging the trucks or the environment, but the safety of anyone in the vicinity of our trucks is much more important. Safety is paramount, even if we're only driving short distances."

Vision for Safety
"We're always going on about safety to our customers when it comes to using systems and machines, so we owe it to our reputation to integrate this innovation into our equipment. As pioneers, investing in technology like the CornerEye is an obvious choice, but this really should be a legal requirement as well. Demand would then be much greater, so production would be cheaper and it would be affordable for everyone on the market," says Jeroen Van den Berghe.

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