Improve daily operations with a Stoneridge-Orlaco digital camera monitor system

Productivity is one of the key factors for an effective operation in the material handling industry. Optimal visibility is essential to ensure reach truck drivers perform at their best. Stoneridge-Orlaco’s Digital Mid-Mast View system provides the driver of a reach truck with a perfect and High Definition view of the forks. The camera monitor system therefore saves time and increases productivity when moving goods.

The robust and compact digital camera monitor system provides the driver of a reach truck with a perfect view of the forks. The system allows the driver to position the forks optimally as it provides a view of the forks after free lift of the fork carriage. This makes it possible for the driver to insert the forks in a single smooth movement into the pallet openings. By improving visibility, the camera monitor system will increase the speed of your material handling operations.

Improves ergonomics
The ergonomically positioned 7” HLED heavy-duty digital monitor in the reach truck’s cab allows drivers to adopt a natural viewing position. This reduces the need to look up at an unnatural angle. The image on the monitor provides the driver a clear view of the forks. This relieves strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, reducing absence caused by sickness.

With the Digital Mid-mast view system, the high definition HMOS camera is mounted on the fixed mast section. Because of the higher resolution of this digital system, the image quality is much better and gives an enhanced image for the operator. This makes it possible to work more productively and to increase efficiency.

Digital technology
Stoneridge-Orlaco uses GMSL technology for its Digital Mid-Mast View. GMSL stands for Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link and is a technology in which the video signal is sent digitally and compression-free over a coaxial cable. With a GMSL system, the digital video signal is sent one-to-one and without latency to the monitor. Stoneridge-Orlaco's GMSL solutions provide real-time, high-resolution video streaming for the challenging environments in which reach trucks operate. The system delivers a razor-sharp view of the forks. This makes its ideal as a Mid-Mast View on a reach truck.

Dynamic GMSL cable
To connect the camera to the monitor, Stoneridge-Orlaco developed a special GMSL cable. The dynamic cable is particularly suitable for dynamic applications whereby the cable is constantly subject to being bent or rolled up. This makes the cable ideal for a Mid-mast view system. The cables have EMC screening and are resistant to oil and petrol, are ADR approved and have waterproof, molded connectors. The dynamic GMSL-cables are available in different lengths.

Save valuable time with a Digital Mid-Mast View system and improve daily operations and process reliability. Contact us for more information, request a quote or check out for more vision solutions for lift trucks.

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