Active Radar Detection with a Single Radar Unit for lift trucks

Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces RadarEye with a single radar unit. Next to the Center Rear and Corner Rear RadarEye solutions, customers now have the opportunity to order a single version. Depending on customer demand, the single version can for example be integrated on the rear of a lift truck.

RadarEye® System
Use the RadarEye active detection system and prevent collisions and damage. This shock and vibration resistant radar system detects people and objects in areas that are not visible to drivers. Accidents are prevented as a result, and drivers can work more safely and efficiently. The RadarEye Single Radar Unit consists of one pre-configurated SRD sensor CAN Horizontal, a SRD single sensor bracket and a M12 terminator 120 Ohm. 

Accurate Detection of People and Objects
RadarEye uses Doppler radar technology. This involves sending out a radar beam and then measuring the frequency change of the signal received. Depending on the direction of movement of the object, the received frequency will be higher or lower than the signal transmitted. Thanks to this Doppler effect, people and objects can be detected with a high level of accuracy.

Complete Single Radar Unit Set 
RadarEye uses a combination of radar signals and camera images, giving drivers a complete picture of the surrounding area. In addition to the acoustic signals and the camera images, there is also an overlay on the monitor indicating the distance between the object and the vehicle. The complete RadarEye Single Radar Unit Set consists of a SRD sensor, an interface box with external speaker, cabling, a terminator, a FAMOS camera and an SRD monitor.

The complete set consist of: 
0403160 - Single Radar Unit
0504820 - SRD Interface Box with external speaker
0171010 - FAMOS Camera 118°
0208871 - Monitor 7’’ RLED CAN SRD R6
0301051 - SRD Cable 5m M12
0301880 - Cable 5m UNI

Single Radar Unit Set for existing monitors
Most operational earthmoving machines are already equipped with analog reversing cameras and monitor. These systems are suitable for extension with RadarEye. The SRD interface box integrates radar alerts directly into the image on the existing monitor and adds acoustic warnings. This process can be carried out using either an existing Stoneridge-Orlaco camera system or a third-party monitor. Adding detection overlays to the video images makes it possible for drivers to work more safely, reliably and efficiently.

The Single Radar set for integration consists of:
0403160 - Single Radar Unit
0404700 - SRD Interface Box for existing mointors
0301051 - SRD Cable 5m M12
An adapter cable to connect a third-party camera and/or monitor to the SRD Interface Box is not included in this set.

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