Select a camera vision system for your aerial appliance

Orlaco develops camera monitor systems for all types of aerial appliances. Orlaco cameras can be used to enhance visibility of and from the basket.

Operators experience minimal visibility around the aerial appliance. Especially in emergency situations, where the urgency is always high, or in situations with large crowds, maneuvering is no easy task. Orlaco camera systems offer the operator optimum visibility of the emergency situation for improved safety, efficiency and comfort, regardless of the type of boom lift and the circumstances. Orlaco zoom and thermal imaging cameras on the basket enable you to analyze the situation more quickly and efficiently.

Mirror directive

The size and design of a boom lift can often cause significant limitation to the field of vision to the front (Class VI) and side (Class V) of the truck. Orlaco's front view system meets all the requirements of directive EC*2003/97*2005/27. In addition to the required minimum Class VI, Orlaco's CornerEye also provides a view of the mandatory Class V.

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Limitation of the operator's field of vision at ground level. (This is a theoretical visualization and may differ in practice.)

Example of the camera view of the emergency situation.

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