Select a camera vision system for your truck-trailer combination

Orlaco develops camera monitor systems for all types of trucks with trailers. Orlaco cameras provide you with optimum visibility of the area behind the trailer and in front of the truck and eliminate blind spots.

The size and design of a truck with trailer can often cause significant limitation to the field of vision to the front (Class VI) and side (Class V) of the truck and to the rear of the trailer. Orlaco camera systems offer the driver optimum visibility of the situation for improved safety, efficiency and comfort.

Mirror Directive

The EU mirror directive has been in force since 2006, and was expanded in January 2007 with front view for all new trucks in Europe. The front mirror may only be replaced by an approved camera system. Orlaco's front view system meets all the requirements of the EC*2003/97*2005/27 directive.

In addition to the required minimum Class VI, Orlaco's CornerEye also provides a view of the mandatory Class V. This Angle HD 270º vision system goes even further than the legislation requires, and provides a much larger view of the truck's dangerous blind spot.

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Limitation of the operator's field of vision (ground level). (This is a theoretical visualization and may differ in practice.)

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