Digital LoadView: Making Safer Lifting a Reality

Increase safety on construction sites and increase crane operator productivity with the Digital LoadView wireless high-definition (HD) camera system. Thanks to Digital LoadView, the crane operator has a clear view of instructions being given by the rigger, as well as of the lifting hook, the load and the surrounding situation. This allows the crane operator to raise and lower the hook effortlessly and more assuredly, making lifting operations safer and getting the job done within the time available.

Safer Work with Digital LoadView

The Digital LoadView camera is mounted above the crane hook and hangs down vertically. This allows the camera to capture the crane hook, the load and the work area. The optional oil-lubricated bracket stops the camera from swaying and keeps it focused on the hook, giving the crane operator a stable image at all times via the digital monitor in the cabin. Digital LoadView allows the operator to proactively respond to unexpected events, preventing hazardous situations. This increases safety during lifting.

No More Staring into the Distance

With Digital LoadView, crane operators have an optimal view of the crane hook, the load and the work area. The good field of view allows work can be completed more accurately, reducing stress for the operator and enabling a greater number of assured lifting movements to be made during each shift. What's more, operators no longer need to stare into the distance or adopt unnatural physical positions in order to lift safely. The work becomes more ergonomic, which helps reduce neck and shoulder pain — so Digital LoadView truly enhances operator comfort.

More Precise Lifting

The Digital LoadView system is a camera with 30x optical zoom and autofocus. Using a remote control or a foot pedal, crane operators can easily zoom in on the load, providing them with a better view of it. This means that the operator is no longer dependent on a rigger and is instead able to better assess the situation themselves, enabling them to work more safely.

High-Definition Wireless System

The Digital LoadView camera system is suitable for installation on equipment including telescopic cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes and harbor cranes. The camera and one WiSR LR unit are mounted on top of the crane. A second WiSR LR unit near the cabin shows the image on the monitor.

Digital LoadView can be extended to incorporate up to four cameras. For example, the system can be extended with a digital winch camera to give the operator a good view of the winches. This helps the operator to intervene promptly, preventing cable damage and downtime.

Download system overview telescopic crane

Download system overview towercrane

Digital LoadView Camera Monitor System

The Digital LoadView camera system consists of a camera, a monitor and the associated wireless unit. For more information, please contact us.

AF-Zoom HD-E IP Camera
The digital AF-Zoom HD-E camera has an aluminum housing and is shock and vibration resistant, nitrogen filled and waterproof (IP69K). The camera has 30x optical zoom and a heated lens, allowing it to work perfectly even in winter weather conditions. The high-definition camera has a resolution of 720 p at 60 frames per second or 1080 p at 30 frames per second. The video stream is accessible via TCP/IP.

WiSR Send Receive Long Range (WISR LR)
The WiSR LR is a rugged, waterproof (IP69K) transceiver and enables wireless digital video transmission. The unit has a maximum range of 200 meters, depending on the environment. The WiSR works with the "PhotonView" Android app.

PhotonView 10-Inch Tablet
The industrial, heavy-duty tablet is shock and vibration resistant and features toughened Gorilla glass. The tablet comes with the Orlaco PhotonView™ app already installed.

Digital Future

At Stoneridge-Orlaco, we believe that digital systems are the future. Through our partnership with our customers and the opportunities that the digital world offers, we are developing applications that were not possible with analog technology. If you like to know more about these developments and the possibilities that are available, please contact our specialists.