The story behind Orlaco

Orlaco is the specialist in camera and monitor systems for heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, cranes, lift trucks, maritime applications, emergency vehicles, railway applications, municipal vehicles, and airport vehicles. All over the world we broaden the horizons of drivers, operators, captains and machinists, with increased safety, efficiency and comfort as the aim.

Orlaco has over 25 years of experience in designing and developing certified vision solutions for eliminating blind spots around vehicles, machines and ships.

Orlaco has grown into an international company at lightning speed, with head offices in the Netherlands and the United States.

In addition to a growing network of partners and dealers, Orlaco has sales offices in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany and Japan.

Why Orlaco?

  • Orlaco keeps matters in its own hands
  • Vision is our mission
  • Quality
  • Consideration of the environment
  • Vision solutions for many market segments

From design to development and from production to service: Orlaco keeps matters in its own hands, and that makes us unique. We produce over 120,000 cameras; we supply around 70 percent of these to the largest OEMs in the world from our Dutch head office. Orlaco sells the remaining 30 percent after market via an extensive dealership network. This makes Orlaco the leading camera/monitor specialist for OEMs throughout the world.

Orlaco team
The Orlaco team consists of over 225 members of staff who are committed to providing you with the best camera and monitor solutions. In our optimized production halls we assemble cameras, monitors, cables and connectors, but also RadarEye sensors, switchers, mounting products, interfaces, controls and power supplies. Orlaco has a Special Products department for developing customer-specific systems. Our design and engineering capacity is one of a kind. This flexible department has the following expertise: Industrial design, Electronic design (Trucktronic ®), Optical design, Mechanical design, Embedded software design, Functional safety design, 3D simulation design, Advanced and Test engineering.

Vision is our mission®

For every situation, Orlaco brings a vision solution to the market. This is a segment that is developing to become one of the largest global markets in the field of accessories, bolstered by legal regulations relating to visual solutions. Within this market, we wish to be the partner of choice. Our promise? More safety and efficiency, improved ergonomics and comfort, and certified quality.

Vision is our mission. Orlaco wants to provide end users with optimum vision; to do so all activities are crucial. From development and production to delivery and service. This results in enthusiastic customers who strengthen our image in the market through word-of-mouth advertising.

Orlaco chooses leadership, values motivated and well-trained staff, and works on the basis of a well-considered strategy. We are careful in our use of resources and we organize processes efficiently and effectively. That is our philosophy. Our way of working enables us to achieve operating results that give us the space to work on the future, as Vision stays our mission.


Orlaco develops and produces vision systems and related solutions in accordance with strict quality requirements, and has the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. ISO 9001 enables Orlaco to safeguard its processes even more effectively and to continue intensifying the focus on quality and deliveries. This enables us to serve our customers even more effectively and to work on further developing the market. In addition to ISO 9001, Orlaco has also implemented IATF 16949:2016, which is the quality certificate in the automotive industry. Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has certified Orlaco's quality system.

Orlaco wants to stabilize its processes as much as possible, and manages them through statistic monitoring. In doing so, we are continuously improving performance in respect of our customers. The entire organization constantly works on improving processes and products. We achieve this through an integrated approach (quality, health, safety, sustainability and environment) and, in doing so, use the 'automotive core tools' such as 8D, FMEA, SPC, MSA, APQP and PPAP.

Consideration of the environment

Care for health & safety and the environment is an important value within our operational management. In the following Environment, Health & Safety policy statement, the directorate and the management highlight the importance of these matters for Orlaco.

Orlaco works in a safe, responsible manner that embodies respect for the environment and the health of our staff, our customers, and the community in which we are active.

In no way will we act recklessly with the environment or with the health and safety of the local area in order to increase our profits or production levels.

We will take all necessary measures that are economically viable and responsible.

We expect all Orlaco employees to understand and promote this policy and accompanying principles and to actively contribute towards implementing and complying with them.

Orlaco principles with regard to the environment, health & safety

  • Our vision, mission and company philosophy express our principles with regard to corporate social responsibility within our chain.
  • We strive unrelentingly toward a working environment in which there are no incidents, injuries or absenteeism in relation to the environment, health or safety.
  • We create sustainable products by using 'lean' processes and environmentally-friendly facilities, taking into consideration all relevant environmental aspects and occupational hazards known to us.
  • We constantly seek to improve in terms of activities and working conditions that have a negative impact on the environment, as these may exist within Orlaco.
  • We will continuously measure and evaluate environmental and health & safety conditions. We develop appropriate programs with SMART objectives and follow these to ensure the lowest possible effect on the environment, (almost) no incidents and very low time off due to illness.
  • Orlaco will at all times commit to following European and Dutch legislation and regulations relating to environmental and working conditions, as well as to any other applicable requirements, as referred to in the ISO 14001 standard and in OHSAS 18001.
  • Orlaco's products do not contain any materials listed in the REACH and RoHS requirements. If our customers state additional requirements in relation to (prohibited) materials, we will comply with these requirements and document this where necessary.

We all have a duty to comply with and apply this policy. Of course we implement this policy in respect of our suppliers, contractors and surroundings. We will inform our staff, customers, suppliers, and other involved parties of this policy via the usual media.