Choose your RadarEye system or RadarEye supplies

Orlaco has developed special RadarEye sensors that can easily be added to virtually any Orlaco vision system or third party monitors. Combining sensors with the vision system creates an active warning system that warns the driver through audio and visual signals about imminent damage to the vehicle and/or to any objects. All sensors are manufactured according to recognized quality standards IATF 16949 and ISO 9001, and in line with CE marking and the most recently applicable guidelines and product standards.

The extremely sturdy RadarEye sensors ensure that this active detection system is highly suitable for (heavy) work vehicles, such as construction machinery, trucks and large forklifts. The professional SRD sensors detect stationary as well as moving objects in a prescribed zone, and are not influenced by poor conditions such as rain, mud, dust, snow or temperature changes. RadarEye can easily be expanded with several SRD sensors around a vehicle or machine.