Orlaco MultiView box Dual mode with adaptor plug

The MultiView box Dual mode has four camera inputs and also provides supply voltage through the monitor for up to four cameras. All camera images are displayed in split screen on one Orlaco monitor using the built-in pre-programmed software.

This Orlaco MultiView box enables up to four UNI cameras (4-pin) to be connected to one Orlaco monitor. The overall picture layout is in split screen, so that the monitor displays two camera images. By switching between the cameras on the monitor you can switch between the various overall pictures in split screen manually or automatically (using, for example, the switching wires for going forward or backward).

An Orlaco adaptor plug 7 pF > 4 pM (0357500) is supplied with this MultiView box Dual mode as standard, so that the previously pre-programmed MultiView box can be connected straight onto an Orlaco 4-pin UNI monitor.

Technical specifications

Video input
4x camera inputs PAL/NTSC
Video output
1x Orlaco monitor output PAL/NTSC
Stainless steel
Protection class
IP67 Watertight
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC
155 x 80 x 35 mm
0,86kg (excl. adapter cable)
Orlaco adaptor plug 7pF>4pM (0357500)
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