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On road trucks


The blind spot is the area around the truck that is not visible to the driver, but which could be occupied by other road users or obstacles. Orlaco cameras bring all the blind spots of a truck into view. The driver can look at the monitor to see what is happening in front of, behind and to the side of his truck.


Traffic is becoming busier and busier, leading to increased safety risks. Drivers are expected to maintain a good view of the situation, as well as arrive at their destination safely, on time and without damage. A camera system can enable a driver to carry out his job more safely, as the risk of overlooking someone or something is greatly reduced.


Orlaco cameras provide good visibility around a truck and improve the efficiency of any actions. For example, the driver will no longer have to get out of the truck to determine the distance when loading and unloading.


Mandatory European field of vision, class VI
The Orlaco camera views more than just the class VI field of vision

Reduced damage

As a result of blind spots, damage can easily occur to the truck, people or objects. Orlaco cameras give the driver the extra pair of eyes he needs to prevent damage.


Good posture is important. TNO, an independent research organization, was asked by Orlaco to produce a report on the optimum position of the monitor in the cab. The test results have been included in the installation manual for each view system and ensure that the driver can work ergonomically without undertaking additional actions.

More information

The brochure contains all options for Orlaco's cameras and monitors for trucks.

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