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Maritime vessels


Good and comfortable visibility is essential for safety on our waterways. Orlaco can offer assurance for the safety of your crew, passengers or cargo by providing camera and monitor systems, even in extreme conditions and dangerous areas.


Vision solutions play a key role in maintaining the safety of crews and equipment. With the aid of an Orlaco camera system, the operator can detect safety issues straight away so that he can act accordingly to prevent emergencies from happening.



Orlaco cameras and monitors enable operators to carry out precision work, such as maneuvering and hoisting and dredging operations, more safely and more efficiently.


Reduced damage

Limited visibility can increase the risk of damage. An Orlaco camera provides the captain with an extra pair of eyes, regardless of the type of vessel or the situation he is in. Cameras can be used in dangerous environments to prevent unnecessary risks. Real-time video images will give you a clear view of any situation. This will enable you to make the right decisions, based on live visual feedback from any location.

Work comfort

The Orlaco camera systems provide increased safety and work comfort on board the ship. The video images allow you to see the situation on the monitor in real time and to respond immediately where necessary.


More information

The brochure contains all options for Orlaco's cameras and monitors for the maritime sector.

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Marco van DalenPatricia van de PolDick Verdonk 
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