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Orlaco Headquarters:

Orlaco Products B.V.
Albert Plesmanstraat 42
3772 MN Barneveld
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)342 404 555
Fax: +31 (0)342 404 556
E-mail: info@orlaco.com

Orlaco Inc.
33 Confederate Avenue
Jasper, GA 30143
United States
Telephone: +1 706 301 9227
Fax: +1 706 301 9194
E-mail: infona@orlaco.com
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Get to know the Orlaco team.




Henrie van Beusekom, Executive Director Orlaco.Jan van Beek, Managing Director Orlaco.Peggy van den Hoff, Management Assistant Orlaco.
Henrie van BeusekomJan van BeekPeggy van den Hoff 
Executive DirectorManaging DirectorManagement Assistant  


Quality Assurance

Karles van den Born, Manager Quality, Healty, Safety & Environment Orlaco.   
Karles van den Born   
Manager Quality, Health, Safety & Environment




Rob Bernhard, Service Manager Orlaco.Arnold van Os, Service Planner Orlaco.Peter Drost, Assistant Service Department Orlaco.Gerard Derks, Field Service Engineer Orlaco.
Rob BernhardArnold van OsPeter DrostGerard Derks
Service Manager
Service Planner
Assistant Service DepartmentField Service 
Marcel Brits, Field Service Engineer Orlaco.Bert Franken, Technical Customer Support Orlaco.Bert Brons, Repair Service Engineer Orlaco.Gerrit Olthuis, Repair Service Engineer Orlaco. 
 Marcel BritsBert FrankenBert BronsGerrit Olthuis 
 Field Service 
Technical Customer SupportRepair Service 
 Repair Service 
Steven van de Veen, Repair Service Engineer Orlaco.   
Steven van de Veen   
Repair Service 



Miquel Boudin, Chief Business Development Officer EMEA Orlaco.Tijmen van Ginkel, Business Development Manager Emergency & Military Orlaco.Leen den Boer, Business Development Manager Onroad Trucks.Marc Ensink, Business Development Manager Orlaco.
Miquel BoudinTijmen van GinkelLeen den BoerMarc Ensink
Chief Business Development Officer EMEABusiness Development Manager Emergency 
& Military
Business Development Manager Onroad Trucks  Business Development Manager

Dick Verdonk, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Jacco Hartkoorn, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Walter van den Brink RSE, Business Development Manager Marine & Offshore Orlaco.Ivo Corver, Product Specialist Orlaco.
Dick Verdonk
Jacco Hartkoorn
 Walter van den Brink RSEIvo Corver
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager
 Business Development Manager Marine & Offshore Product Specialist

Dick de Graaf, Product Specialist Orlaco.Paul de Jong, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Albert Schutter, Business Development Manager Onroad Trucks Orlaco. Eduard de Man, Senior Accountmanager Orlaco.
Dick de GraafPaul de JongAlbert Schutter
Eduard de Man
Product Specialist
Business Development ManagerBusiness Development ManagerSenior Accountmanager
Raoul Persoon, Senior Accountmanager Orlaco.   
Raoul Persoon   
Senior Accountmanager   

International Sales Support EMEA

Patrick Hendriks, International Sales Support bij Orlaco.Nathalie de Bruijn, International Sales Support Orlaco.Patricia van de Pol, International Sales Support Orlaco.Charlyne Hostens, International Sales Support Orlaco.
Patrick HendriksNathalie de BruijnPatricia van de PolCharlyne Hostens
 International Sales SupportInternational Sales SupportInternational Sales SupportInternational Sales Support 



Erik van der Burg, Manager Purchase Orlaco.Michiel van Tuijl, Supplier Quality Assurance Orlaco.Christo de Wit, Supplier Quality Engineer Orlaco. Ferdi Mulderij, Supplier Quality Engineer Orlaco.
Erik van der BurgMichiel van TuijlChristo de Wit Ferdi Mulderij
Manager Purchase
Supplier Quality AssuranceSupplier Quality EngineerSupplier Quality Engineer
Marcel Bloemendaal, Purchaser Orlaco.   
Marcel Bloemendaal   


Paula Terpstra, Project Manager Communications Orlaco.Sebastiaan Visser, Multimedia Engineer Orlaco.Lisette Albrecht, Technical DTP'er Orlaco. 
Paula TerpstraSebastiaan VisserLisette Albrecht  
Project Manager CommunicationsMultimedia Engineer
Desktop Publisher

Finance & Administration

Berrie van Kooi, Manager Finance & Administration Orlaco.Daan Föster, Senior Administrator Orlaco.Hanneke Kolenbrander, Assistant Finance Department Orlaco.Heleen van der Graaf, Assistant Finance Department Orlaco.
Berrie van KooiDaan FösterHanneke KolenbranderHeleen van der Graaff
Manager Finance & AdministrationSenior Administrator

Assistant Finance DepartmentAssistant Finance Department
David van der Gun, Assistant Finance Department Orlaco.   
David van der Gun   
Assistant Finance Department   

Human Resources

Marcel Netten, Human Resources Manager Orlaco.Marianne Abrahamse, Human Resources Consultant Orlaco.Jolanda Verstegen, Assistant Front Office Orlaco.Gerda Davelaar, Assistant Front Office Orlaco.
Marcel NettenMarianne AbrahamseJolanda VerstegenGerda Davelaar
Human Resources ManagerHuman Resources ConsultantAssistant Front OfficeAssistant Front Office
Petra Quist, Assistant Front Office Orlaco.   
Petra Quist   
Assistant Front Office   



Martien Bakkenes, Teamleader Operational Logistics Orlaco.Dinant Obbink, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.André van Dusschoten, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.Bianca van der Niet, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.
Martien BakkenesDinant ObbinkAndré van DusschotenBianca van der Niet
Teamleader Operational LogisticsAssistant Logistics DepartmentAssistant Logistics DepartmentAssistant Logistics Department
Bas Rebergen, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.Joey Bozelie, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.Gerard Sentrop, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.Coos van Stormbroek, Assistant Logistics Department Orlaco.
Bas RebergenJoey BozelieGerard SentropCoos van Stormbroek
Assistant Logistics DepartmentAssistant Logistics DepartmentAssistant Logistics DepartmentAssistant Logistics Department



Hans van der Hoef, Teamleader Manufacturing Orlaco.Nelie van Vulpen, Administrative Assistant Assembly Orlaco.Ron Ridder, Production Quality Assurance Orlaco.Deborah Bruining, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Hans van der HoefNelie van VulpenRon RidderDeborah Bruining
Teamleader ManufacturingAdministrative Assistant Assembly Production Quality AssuranceAllround Assembly Operator 
Jenny Meerveld, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Mohamed Al Bay, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Lyanne Saarloos, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Rutger Andriessen, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Jenny MeerveldMohamed Al BayLyanne SaarloosRutger Andriessen
Allround Assembly OperatorAllround Assembly OperatorAllround Assembly OperatorAllround Assembly Operator
Ercan Cetin, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Gerben van der Munt, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Leontine Top, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Esther Hardeman, Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Ercan CetinGerben van der MuntLeontine TopEsther Hardeman
Allround Assembly OperatorAllround Assembly OperatorAssembly Operator Assembly Operator
Monique van de Kraats, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Anniek van Veen, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Marjolein van Manen, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Marie-Jon Timmer, Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Monique van de KraatsAnniek van VeenMarjolein van ManenMarie-Jon Timmer
Assembly OperatorAssembly OperatorAssembly OperatorAssembly Operator
Melleni van Middendorp, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Berry Brons, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Serge Taverne, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Patrick Gros, Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Melleni van MiddendorpBerry BronsSerge TavernePatrick Gros
Assembly OperatorAssembly OperatorAssembly OperatorAssembly Operator
Kirstin Waaijenberg, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Jacob Voorsluijs, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Miriam Nijboer, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Chantal Keijzer, Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Kirstin WaaijenbergJacob VoorsluijsMiriam NijboerChantal Keijzer
Assembly OperatorAssembly OperatorAssembly OperatorAssembly Operator
Janita Simon, Assembly Operator Orlaco.Patricia Polhout, Assembly Operator Orlaco.  
Janita SimonPatricia Polhout  
Assembly OperatorAssembly Operator  

Product Development

Jaap Stouthamer, Project Manager Orlaco.Paul van Vliet, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Vincent Noach, Product Development Orlaco.Gerard Zuidema, Hardware Engineer Orlaco.
Jaap StouthamerPaul van VlietVincent NoachGerard Zuidema
Project ManagerProduct ManagerProduct ManagerHardware Engineer
Marcel Blom, Hardware Engineer Orlaco.Gert van IJperenburg, Hardware Engineer Orlaco.Frans Kievith, Software Designer Orlaco.Reindert Jansen, Software Engineer Orlaco.
 Marcel BlomGert van IJperenburgFrans KievithReindert Jansen
Hardware EngineerHardware Engineer Software DesignerSoftware Engineer
Jan van Dijk, Software Engineer Orlaco.Frank Vliek, Electrical Test Engineer Orlaco.David-Jan Dupain, Mechanical Test Engineer Orlaco.Nico van Laar, Product Designer / Constructor Orlaco.
Jan van DijkFrank VliekDavid-Jan DupainNico van Laar
Software Engineer
Electrical Test Engineer
Mechanical Test EngineerProduct Designer / Constructor
Arjen Schaddelee, Product Designer / Constructor Orlaco. Hans Steenbeek, Product Designer / Constructor Orlaco.Josja Kneefel, Product Designer / Constructor Orlaco.Ben Wiersema, Technical Desktop Publisher Orlaco.
 Arjen SchaddeleeHans Steenbeek Josja KneefelBen Wiersema
Product Designer / ConstructorProduct Designer / ConstructorProduct Designer / ConstructorTechnical Desktop Publisher

Production Control

Edwin Feijen, Production Controller Orlaco.Karel van Helden, Production Controller Orlaco.Antoinette Nijssen, Production Controller Orlaco.Elco Elings, Production Controller Orlaco.
Edwin FeijenKarel van HeldenAntoinette NijssenElco Elings
Production ControllerProduction ControllerProduction ControllerProduction Controller
Patricia Meijer, Production Controller Orlaco.Theo Verhoef, Production Controller Orlaco.Esther Rous, Production Controller Orlaco.Nathalie van Hal-Vink, Production Controller Orlaco.
Patricia MeijerTheo VerhoefEsther RousNathalie van Hal-Vink
Production ControllerProduction ControllerProduction ControllerProduction Controller
Linda van Ginkel, Production Controller Supply Chain Orlaco.   
Linda van Ginkel   
Production Controller Supply Chain   


Production Engineering

Jaap Vaarkamp, Manager Production Engineering Orlaco.Evert Jan Drost, Production Engineer Orlaco.Matthijs Wolf, Production Engineer Orlaco.Ton Hafkamp, Software Engineer Orlaco.
Jaap VaarkampEvert Jan DrostMatthijs WolfTon Hafkamp
Manager Production EngineeringProduction Engineer

Production Engineer

Software Engineer

Chris Siemons, Production Engineer Orlaco.   
Chris Siemons   
Production Engineer   

Special Products

Arno Ridder, Technical Sales Support Orlaco.Frans Duiker, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Daniël Bremer, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.Cees Kromhout, Allround Assembly Operator Orlaco.
Arno RidderFrans DuikerDaniël BremerCees Kromhout
Technical Sales Support
Allround Assembly OperatorAllround Assembly OperatorAllround Assembly Operator
Angelique van de Pol, Assembly Operator Orlaco.   
Angelique van der Pol   
Assembly Operator   

Our international offices:


Orlaco North-America

Kurt Dekker, Chief Business Development Officer Orlaco.Ray Thomas, Account Manager Orlaco.Laurens van der Rijt, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Lane Ross, Product Specialist Orlaco.
Kurt DekkerRay ThomasLaurens van der RijtLane Ross
Chief Business Development OfficerAccount Manager
Business Development Manager Product Specialist

International Sales Support North-America

Steve Weeks, Warehouse Manager Orlaco.Alicia Belisle, International Sales Support Orlaco.Frances Ross, International Sales Support Orlaco.Ashley Thomas, International Sales Support Orlaco.
Steve WeeksAlicia BelisleFrances RossAshley Thomas
Warehouse Manager
International Sales SupportInternational Sales SupportInternational Sales Support
 Heather Thomas, International Sales Support Orlaco.   
Heather Thomas     
International Sales Support    

Orlaco Germany

Andreas Dannöhl, Product Specialist Orlaco.Markus Gassner, Product Specialist Orlaco.Thomas Boesinger, Product Specialist Orlaco.Matthias Kretschmer, Product Specialist Orlaco.
Andreas DannöhlMarkus GassnerThomas BoesingerMatthias Kretschmer
Product SpecialistProduct SpecialistProduct SpecialistProduct Specialist


Orlaco Asia

Orlaco Danmark

Orlaco France

Orlaco Japan

Gabriel Tang, Business Development Manager Marine & Offshore Orlaco.Lars Nielsen, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Christophe Perret, Business Development Manager Orlaco.Eddy Muller, Export Manager Japan Orlaco.
Gabriel TangLars NielsenChristophe PerretEddy Muller
Business Development Manager Marine & OffshoreBusiness Development Manager
Business Development Manager
Export Manager Japan


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