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Orlaco Headquarters:

Orlaco Products B.V.
Albert Plesmanstraat 42
3772 MN Barneveld
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)342 404 555
Fax: +31 (0)342 404 556
E-mail: info@orlaco.com

Orlaco Inc.
33 Confederate Avenue
Jasper, GA 30143
United States
Telephone: +1 706 301 9227
Fax: +1 706 301 9194
E-mail: infona@orlaco.com
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The Orlaco helpdesk comprises a team of qualified and skilled field service engineers. You can read more about the options on this page.



If you have a fault that it might be possible to rectify over the phone, please contact the Orlaco helpdesk on +31 (0)342 404 555. You can also email your query to service@orlaco.nl.



Our team of field service engineers is VCA-certified. VCA stands for Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers (Health & Safety and the Environment Checklist for Contractors). VCA is intended for companies operating at sites with an increased degree of risk. You are assured of quality and professionalism: we fulfill the set requirements in terms of work carried out with health & safety and the environment firmly in mind.


Fast-track repair procedure

Orlaco has introduced a procedure by means of which we are able to respond even more swiftly and efficiently to our customers' repair requests. This enables us to guarantee that we will resolve all problems within an agreed period. Returning the item to be repaired along with the completed repair form will enable us to work quickly. In this regard, we aim to confirm receipt of the item to be repaired within 24 hours and to have the equipment ready within six working days.


Fitting via Orlaco or your own garage

Customers receive Orlaco's camera and monitor systems directly through the dealer. This means that even the fitting of the camera system can be carried out by your own garage. For the purposes of scheduling fitting via Orlaco, we will be happy to discuss a suitable date with you.



Do you have a project in the pipeline that will involve the use of a tower crane without a vision system? It is possible to hire a camera system from Orlaco. The hire contract applies for a minimum period of three months, with the option to extend this on a monthly basis. Once the hire contract has been signed and the deposit paid, we will install the system on-site. You will of course be able to use our services during the term of hire, and afterwards we will ensure that the system is uninstalled.

Hiring is also an option in cases where the customer would like to try the system out. This gives the customer a no-obligation opportunity to look at whether purchasing a system or systems may be something of interest. Consequently, once the term of hire has passed, you will still have the option of buying the system.

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