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Orlaco Products B.V.
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The Netherlands
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Orlaco Inc.
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Jasper, GA 30143
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Care for our health & safety and the environment is one of the most important values within our operational management. In the following Environment, Health & Safety policy statement, the directorate and the management highlight the importance of these matters for Orlaco.


Orlaco works in a safe, responsible manner that embodies respect for the environment and the health of our staff, our customers, and the community in which we are active.


> Download ISO 14001 Orlaco


In no way will we act recklessly when it comes to matters of the environment or health and safety in order to increase our profits or production levels. We expect all Orlaco employees to understand and promote this policy and accompanying principles and to actively contribute towards implementing and complying with them.


Orlaco principles with regard to the Environment, Health & Safety

  • Our vision, mission and company philosophy express our principles with regard to corporate social responsibility within our chain.
  • We strive unrelentingly toward a working environment in which there are no incidents in relation to the environment, health, or safety.
  • We create sustainable products, processes and facilities, taking into consideration all relevant environmental aspects known to us.
  • We constantly seek to improve in terms of activities that have a negative impact on the environment, as these could be within Orlaco.
  • Every year we will measure and evaluate our environmental performance. Wherever necessary, we develop plans and follow up on these in order to continue achieving a reduction in terms of Orlaco's negative impact on the environment.
  • In addition to the set objectives, Orlaco will at all times commit to following European and Dutch legislation and regulations, as well as to any other applicable requirements, as referred to in the ISO 14001 standard.


We all have a duty to comply with and apply this policy. We will inform our staff, customers, suppliers, and other involved parties of this policy via the usual media.


Henrie G. van Beusekom, Executive Director

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