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Orlaco's vision solutions are suitable for use on vehicles such as telescopic cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes and hydraulic harbor cranes. The camera provides the crane machine operator with a full view of his load in all situations so that he can work more safely and more efficiently.


The camera provides greater safety as the operator has a better view of the load and is less dependent on the instructions of his contact person on the ground. If, for example, the load should become unbalanced whilst being lifted, the operator will be able to see this himself and take faster action.


A test has shown that cranes performing 'blind' operations can work 21% faster when using an Orlaco camera system. The test indicates that a camera can significantly improve the accuracy of lifting operations. The operator is less dependent upon others, which reduces the need for verbal communication and increases the efficiency of the work.

Reduced damage

Cranes are full of awkward angles. This increases the risk of damage to the crane or to nearby persons or objects. The Orlaco camera gives the operator optimum visibility, regardless of the type of crane or the situation he is working in.


The seat position in the cab is standard, and assumes an operator sitting in an upright position, whereas the operator has to adopt a decidedly unnatural position in order to follow the work process. This can lead to injury. The Orlaco monitor enables the driver to maintain a correct posture.

More information

The brochure contains all options for Orlaco's cameras and monitors for cranes.

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Marco van DalenPatricia van de PolDick Verdonk 
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   T. +1  706 301 9227
E.  iss-na@orlaco.com 
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